XOnano TRM™

Taking Heat Has A New Definition
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Directional Temperature Regulation

Never before has the foam world experienced temperature regulation like the XOnano COOL TRM™. Depending on your needs, our COOL TRM™ moves heat through the foam from the heating source at an effective efficiency of nearly 30%.

The Coolest. Literally.

Foam is always an insulator, until our XOnano COOL TRM™.

It regulates the temperature by drawing away the heat and gently moving it away from the source. Our special blend of foam science beats the competition in temperature regulation by as much as 30% providing the perfect temperature results. 

Also So Hot. Literally.

Temperature regulation is directional. Depending on the desired heat source, the XOnano Cool will provide heat TO the object, or gently remove it from the object. This is applicable in automotive seating, where heat is desired in the winter, or a cooling effect in the summer. 




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