Smartfoam – Impact

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XOnano Smartfoam is an advanced material that can sense impacts or pressure while also mitigating or absorbing the impact energy

XOnano Smartfoam comes in either an Impact sensing or a Pressure sensing variant. The impact measuring material requires no supply voltage to work, the foam sensor itself generates a voltage when impacted. The pressure sensing material, however, does require a small voltage generating device to measure the change in internal resistance.

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XOnano Impact Sensing Smartfoam

XOnano Impact Sensing Smartfoam has been demonstrated to provide critical impact data and protection in many different products. XOnano has partnered with Rogers Corporation to provide sensing foam capabilities to their Poron and XRD product lines. These foams provide industry-leading energy absorption while XOnano’s Smartfoam technology enables them to sense the impacts.

XOnano Smartfoam is enabled through the addition of nano and micro-particles in the foam formulation prior to curing. The particles interact with the foam when compressed to generate a charge through a triboelectric effect. There are no embedded sensors or accelerators in the foam, the foam itself is the sensor. The higher the impact energy, the larger the generated charge. By evaluating patterns in the Smartfoam’s response the signal can be correlated to specific impact measures such as force, impact energy and impact velocity.


We currently offer XOnano Impact Smartfoam made from Rogers Corporation’s Poron and XRD product lines. These foams come in 9-15 lb/cubic foot density anywhere from 1/8″ to 1/2″ thick.


XOnano Pressure Sensing Smartfoam

XOnano Pressure Sensing Smartfoam is used to measure non-impact related events. The foam is enabled by a similar mixture of nano and micro-particles which are used in the impact sensing Smartfoam. However, the customized formulation of particles enables a change in resistance with increased pressure as opposed to a generated charge. When the foam is compressed the internal resistance of the foam decreases. The change in the Smartfoam’s resistance directly correlates to the amount of pressure which is applied. Unlike the impact Smartfoam, a small voltage must be applied to the foam as it is compressed to measure the change in resistance.

Pressure Sensing Smartfoam is an excellent material can be used in many products that have a primary goal of comfort. For example, the Smartfoam could be used in a bed or seat to determine pressures throughout the human product interface. This data can then be used to adjust the support surface of the product to increase comfort for the user.


We are currently developing this technology into foams with densities between 3 – 15 lb/cu.ft with an expected launch date of Q4 2018.