How it Works

Smartfoam is created by adding small, conductive particles and fibers to the liquid components of foam prior to casting or molding.

The added particles and fibers give Smartfoam its quasi-piezoelectric or piezoresistive properties.

Smartfoam comes in two major varieties, Impact and Pressure. Smartfoam Impact is a piezoelectric, flexible foam sensor that creates and measures voltage when compressed. The measured voltage can be correlated directly to the energy of each impact. With the use of wireless microcontrollers, the impact energy can transmit data to a computer, tablet, or phone.  This information can then be used to prove real time feedback and provide volumes of impact data. Impact foam can also sense frequency and magnitude of vibration. A conductive film, added during casting or laminated afterwards, is used to collect the generated charge. By connecting to this film, the voltage can be measured. The harder the foam is hit, the higher the voltage.

Smartfoam Pressure is a piezoresistive material. This foam will change resistance as it compresses. By applying a voltage to the foam, the change in resistance can be measured and correlated to force, pressure, or strain.

Smartfoam measures impacts through a triboelectric response to compression and subsequent relaxation. It is is created by adding conductive nanoparticles to the liquid components of polyurethane foam prior to casting. The foam is cast around a conductive electrode, which is used to measure the generated charge and transmit it to a microcontroller. The harder it is hit, the higher the voltage. It is perfect for measuring impacts in hundreds of applications.

XOnano Smartfoam in a football helmet.

Sample of XOnano Smartfoam and a microcontroller in a football helmet. The XOnano Smartfoam is gray in color, due to the presence of the conductive nanoparticles.

XOnano (exo-nano) is the world leader in Smartfoam technology. With Smartfoam technology, we can collect data in thousands of new products. We provide the only flexible foam sensor on the market today. Most sensors are expensive and rigid and can’t work in many products.

XOnano provides Smartfoam technology to a variety of industries in order to improve the lives of their customers by enhancing their products.

We are working in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Entertainment (IR/VR)
  • Defense
  • Security
  • Smart Shipping
  • Sporting Goods
  • Wearables

Transform your insole into a Smart insole with Smartfoam and collect 3D Ground Reaction Forces. A regular running shoe can be transformed into a smart shoe with Smartfoam; you can have your own stride analyzer on your feet. Measure impact data with a smart football helmet: know how hard you were hit and how hard you hit your opponent after every game and practice. Monitor head health like never before. This goes with shoulder pads for all contact sports as well.

Measure the negative impact vibration has on a mining belt or a motor mount to predict failure. Measure your stamina while you drive with Smartfoam. Create a new airbag triggering mechanism for faster, safer performance. Enhance virtual reality play with smart body armor. Improve quality of life for amputees by creating Smartfoam sensors for artificial limbs. This, and more, is possible now with the invention of Smartfoam.