Smartfoam App

The XOnano Smartfoam App can be found on this link. Run all of your Smartfoam powered devices with our app. Use the Smartfoam App to count steps, collect 3D Ground Reaction Forces, monitor the head health of your child while they are on a bicycle adventure in your neighborhood, or playing a contact sport. If you are a concerned parent and are hesitant to let your athlete play a contact sport, such as football, baseball, softball, ice hockey, or lacrosse, use our app to track the magnitude of impacts they encounter in practice and on game day with their smart helmet or shoulder pad, and your smartphone.

Smartfoam technology can track the speed, location, and magnitude of impact in real-time and transmit this data to a sideline tablet. Your coaches, team doctors, and trainers can all monitor impact like never before. Track injuries and hits. Correlate changes in your gait with our stride-analyzer.


The XOnano Smartfoam App is used in conjunction with an XOnano bluetooth product. When a compatible XOnano bluetooth device is within range it will show up in the “Choose Device” menu. If desired you can set a nickname for the device. When paired with a XOnano product it will allow you to see and record the voltage data that is produced. This app will allow one to record 1 to 8 channels of data simultaneously. To record simply press the record button at the bottom of the screen.


Through the “Calibrate” menu one can change the DC voltage offset as well as the visual voltage multiplier. These adjustments do not reflect in the recorded data and are only for visualization. After you have finished recording you can click on the “Saved Recordings” and select the recordings you would like to share. The same data captured at a faster sample rate are also found on the SD card on the PCB.

XOnano Smartfoam App Support Screenshot.

A screenshot of the XOnano Smartfoam app.