Jake Merrell

Jake Merrell comes from an entrepreneurial background and has run and operated several companies over the years. He has always had a love and an affinity for engineering. While on vacation, after leaving a partially finished engineering project, Jake decided that he wanted to sell his business to go to school to become an engineer. Upon returning from vacation he sold his successful construction and general engineering firm to return to school. Eight years later and Jake is a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer with an emphasis on materials science and signal processing (XOnano Smartfoam). During his doctoral studies, he was able to get some attention with XOnano Smartfoam by applying the technology to football helmets.



Since graduating from Brigham Young University, he has enjoyed leading research and development within XOnano to bring Smartfoam to the market and spending time with his family. Jake loves the outdoors and if he has any extra time that is where he will be. Utah has plenty of boating, hiking, fishing, biking, etc. to keep he and his family busy. Jake loves spending time on the lake with his four daughters and wife skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding. He is also an avid mountain biker and loves the views that he can take in just a couple min from his house. Here are some pictures from some of his rides.