Enhanced Foam Materials

XOnano provides Impact Sensing, Pressure Sensing and Thermal Regulating foam materials

XOnano provides three separate enhanced foam materials, specifically, Impact sensing Smartfoam, Pressure sensing Smartfoam and Thermal Regulating foam.

XOnano Impact Sensing Smartfoam

XOnano Impact sensing Smartfoam is generally used in applications where impact or vibration data are needed while also providing energy absorbing qualities. With the use of wireless microcontrollers, the impact energy details can be transmitted to a computer, tablet, or phone. This information can then be used to provide real-time feedback and critical impact data. Impact Smartfoam can also sense frequency and magnitude of vibration. This Smartfoam can be used in any application where you want to absorb and measure the impacts or vibration.



XOnano’s patented impact Smartfoam is a self-powered sensing foam, meaning, the foam does not require any power from the microcontroller system used to measure the response. In some cases, the voltage can even be used to help charge the system, increasing battery life. We are currently working on applications where the foam completely powers the system, removing the need to charge batteries.


Some example products include: Helmets, Sports Pads, Shoes, Sensing Carpet pads, Bushings, etc.

XOnano Pressure Sensing Smartfoam

XOnano pressure sensing Smartfoam is used to measure non-impact related force data. There are many applications where force and pressure are applied in a constant manner. These applications can range from a bed (to ensure comfort) to electric vehicle batteries (to monitor battery health). XOnano pressure sensing Smartfoam is uniquely positioned to have dual functionality, it provides padding or cushioning while also sensing the pressures applied to the surface. We are currently working on developing Smartfoams for the use in electric vehicles to ensure our batteries and cars have longer more useful lives.


Smartfoam Pressure Graph


XOnano’s patented pressure Smartfoam functions through a piezoresistive effect, meaning pressure changes the resistance of the material. With increased pressure, you see more paths for the electrons to flow through the material reducing the resistance. The piezoresistive response to pressure is enabled through a quantum tunneling effect which allows electrons to jump through otherwise insulative materials as they compress and get closer to each other.


Some example products include: Electric battery spacers, Pressure sensing beds, In-shoe scale, Gaskets, Robotic skin, etc.

XOnano Thermal Regulating Foam

XOnano thermal regulating foam enables thermal conductivity in an otherwise insulative product. Foam products have revolutionized many industries and has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Foam reduces the weight of products by replacing solid material with air, which also creates a barrier to heat. There are many applications where foam is an ideal material with exception to the thermally insulative properties of the foam. For example, when foam is used as an interface with the human body it doesn’t allow any built up heat to move away, which can cause overheating. XOnano thermal regulating foam overcomes this limitation while maintaining all of the benefits foam provides by adding thermally conductive particles to the foam.



XOnano’s patent-pending Thermal Regulating foam can, for example, be used in car seats and beds to increase user comfort. By moving heat away from the body one can stay comfortable longer by maintaining a constant temperature. Furthermore, the increased thermal conductivity decreases the time required to heat or cool the surface by external means (car seat heaters/coolers).


Some example products include: Car seats, Cooling mattresses, Office furniture, Shoes, Sporting goods, etc.