David Franey

David Franey is the former VP of JobTrak, the first computerized job posting service. He developed JobTrak from a start-up to a multi-million dollar business. David is also involved in several other business enterprises ranging from real-estate appraisal software to sporting goods. David has a wealth of business experience and professional contacts. David was a two-sport athlete at UCLA; he played golf and football. He holds a degree in Economics from UCLA.

David Franey loves to mentor young entrepreneurs. He has spent several years sponsoring research projects with BYU’s Capstone Project where senior students invented the Wave Technology and incorporated it into a set of new shoulder pads that dispersed impact by 40%.

Wave Technology

One of the concepts incorporated in the pads is a shoulder plate that moves with the collar bone in the upward direction but is prevented from moving downward beyond a certain point by tethers.  We called it a living hinge.

This system allows a player to lift his arms above his head while preventing downward motion at the critical point where injury could occur. Underneath the shoulder plate on the front of the pad, a strip of fabric attaches the shoulder plate to the chest of the pad. A similar strip of fabric is also attached to the back of the pad. When a player lifts up his arm, the tether is relaxed. When the player gets hit in the shoulder, the plate drops until the tethers are engaged. This transfers the force to the main body of the pads and prevents the shoulder plate from impacting the collarbone. A simple stress analysis shows the tethers will be able to withstand the stresses under dynamic impact. A stress analysis was also performed on the main body underneath the shoulder arch to ensure that it could withstand the impact loads.