Thermal Regulating Foam

XOnano Thermal Regulating Foam features increased thermal conductivity providing more comfortable seats, beds, and other support surfaces

Thermal bed topper, by XOnano Smartfoam, provides a cool sleeping experience with the use of our nanoparticles. We call our bed division XOComfort, which focuses on smart bedding. XOComfort has the highest rated cooling bedding topper on the market today. Our thermal bed topper is not a smart product (that is coming in 2019); this is a thermal product. You will sleep cooler with the XOComfort thermal bed topper, powered by XOnano technology, than any other comfort bedding topper. When our conductive XOnano additives are mixed with high-quality polyurethane foam, it creates the coolest sleeping solution on the market.

We have partnered with Huntsman, and Latexco, to develop this product, which will reach market in 2018.

We are at work to develop a commercial bed and a medical bed as well.

SSB bed

Our commercial bed could turn on lights and music, or monitor sleep respiration as well as sleep habits of children and elderly individuals, and give warning when they get out of bed and do not return.

Medical bed

A smart medical bed could warn a nursing station when a patient needs to be moved, thus preventing pressure ulcers before they start. Hospitals are no longer reimbursed by insurance agencies for bed sores. Medical bedding companies needs a solution to combat pressure ulcers. Consider these facts about pressure ulcers: they afflict 2.5 million patients per year, which leads to a cost of $9.1-$11.6 billion per year in the US. Medicare estimated that each pressure ulcer added $43,180 in costs to a hospital stay.

Imagine the problems, money, and suffering we can eliminate with a Smart bed.