Intelligent Materials

Smartfoam is a material that can sense impact | vibration | pressure.

XOnano’s Smartfoam comes in two major varieties, Impact and Pressure. Smartfoam Impact is a piezoelectric, flexible foam sensor that creates and measures voltage when compressed. The measured voltage can be correlated directly to the energy of each impact. With the use of wireless microcontrollers, the impact energy can transmit data to a computer, tablet, or phone.  This information can then be used to prove real time feedback and provide volumes of impact data. Impact foam can also sense frequency and magnitude of vibration.

Smartfoam Pressure is a piezoresistive material. This foam will change resistance as it compresses. By applying a voltage to the foam, the change in resistance can be measured and correlated to force, pressure, or strain.


Smartfoam is created by adding conductive nanoparticles to the liquid components of polyurethane foam prior to casting. The foam is cast around a conductive electrode, which is used to measure the generated charge and transmits it to a microcontroller. The harder it is hit, the higher the voltage. It is perfect for measuring impacts in hundreds of applications.

Smartfoam sample: PET film is sandwiched between two layers of Smartfoam. XOnano Smartfoam has the same composition, density, and flexibility as standard foams, which makes it easy to integrate into thousands of regular foam products, but unlike standard foams, Smartfoam is Piezoelectric and creates voltage when compressed. The measured voltage can be correlated directly to the energy of each impact.  This information can then be used to prove real-time feedback where never before possible.

Since December 2013, XOnano, has been hard at work to perfect Smartfoam. Smartfoam has tremendous

potential to enhance numerous products in a variety of markets. By replacing normal sections of foam with Smartfoam, XOnano brings life to ordinary products.

With XOnano Smartfoam you can measure impact like never before!

We are the world leader in Smartfoam technology. Our technology is patented and protected in 11 countries.

Sensors now used to measure deformation, pressure, and impacts are made from rigid materials or obtrusive components that are inconvenient and often alter the phenomena they are trying to measure. With the invention of Piezoelectric Smartfoam, Nano Composite Products, Inc. (NCP) can turn any polymeric foam component into a flexible sensor that provides real-time deformation, impact, and vibration data. The ability to economically convert a huge range of compliant engineering components into self-sensing data collectors will change the way human health and numerous other mechanical systems are monitored on a massive scale.

This innovative and patented technology has numerous applications that would result simply by replacing existing foam components with smartfoam:

  • Smart sports equipment could transmit the severity of each impact to coaches and medical staff to assist with on-field care and concussion research. Fans could interact with teams in ways never before imagined. Imagine watching the Super Bowl with an app that allows fans to see how hard their favorite linebacker hit the opponent’s running back?
  • A Smart bed could turn on lights and music, or monitor sleep respiration as well as sleep habits of children and elderly individuals, and give warning when they get out of bed and do not return.
  • Smart insoles can predict Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and other diseases. Early diagnoses can lead to early treatments.
  • VR/AR sensors could bring tactile sensations to video games. With XOnano Smartfoam you can experience the game like never before.

With the invention of XOnano Smartfoam, manufacturers now have a flexible foam sensor that can do more than traditional sensors. The XOnano sensor is less-expensive, durable, and requires less power; it has even demonstrated the capability of producing energy when compressed. The XOnano sensor is incredibly accurate; it measures 3D GRF (Ground Reaction Forces) at 96% accuracy levels, when compared to an instrumented treadmill.

The XOnano Smartfoam sensor is unique, exhibiting a quasi-piezoelectric response that is proportional to the strain rate of an impact and a piezoresistive effect that is proportional to the magnitude of the strain.  The enabling nanoparticles can be combined with virtually any polymeric foam material to produce a self-sensing foam with material characteristics appropriate to the application.