Smartfoam Pressure

Smartfoam Pressure is based on a piezoresistive response of the foam. More pressure or force results in less electrical resistance.

Similar to Smartfoam Impact, Smartfoam Pressure is created by adding conductive particles and fibers to liquid foam. Quantum tunneling allows electrons to pass through the foam as it compresses. More compression facilitates more quantum tunneling. The change in resistance can be measured and correlated to force or pressure.

The chart shows the how the resistance of a foam sample changes as a load is repeatedly applied. Before the load is applied, the resistance is nearly infinite. As it compresses, more and more quantum tunneling takes place and the resistance decreases.

Smartfoam Pressure Graph

Smartfoam Pressure requires conductive electrodes to be attached to the foam so that the resistance can be measured. The total area of these electrodes will affect the measurement, but proper calibration will ensure accurate readings.

Some potential applications include pressure sensing seating, force feedback for robotics, gaskets that measure compression, and weight-sensing mats. If you think that Smartfoam Pressure would be good fit in your application, please get in touch with us!