Smart Shipping

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Smart shipping containers powered by XOnano Smartfoam can be incredibly valuable for companies that ship sensitive medical equipment, electronics, vaccinations, and communication gear. Anything that needs to be shipped and tracked from Point A-B can benefit from Smartfoam shipping packaging.

Logistics companies that ship products don’t know if the packages are shipped with care. If the products arrive broken, when and where did they break? Who is responsible? Did they experience excessive vibration in transit?

By using RFID technology, your medical device, or consumer electronics device can be tracked every centimeter of its journey from point A-B. You will know if your device experiences excessive impact or vibration with Smartfoam technology.

Shipping companies need this information. Currently, the companies can’t know because shipping containers are incapable of collecting and transmitting this information. There are no quantifiable metrics to validate or dispute claims–until now, with XOnano Smartfoam. Track your package from point A to B and know precisely how much impact it encounters along the way.

  • Fragile Shipment Monitoring
  • Shipping Containers
  • Drone Delivery
  • Electronics (gaming PCs)
  • Medical Equipment
  • Military Equipment
  • Vaccination tracking
  • Vibration sensing
Track vaccines from point A-B. Prevent tampering, monitor expiration dates…
After months of waiting to kill zombies with your ultra gaming PC, the last thing you want to discover is something is damaged during shipping… With Smartfoam tracking products, you rest assured that your zombie-killing days won’t be delayed because of an unknown problem.