Product Design

Smartfoam product design is one of our specialties. We work with the best foam specialists, miniaturized electronics experts, and converters to design state-of-the-art, Smartfoam products. At XOnano, we don’t make the products; we make the products smart by creating custom formulations, electronics, and impact solutions. We create Smartfoam powered products by replacing sections of regular foam with Smartfoam. We work with experts in Automotive, Aerospace, Bedding, Biomedical, Defense, Education, Mining, Sporting Goods, Wearables, and many more markets. We offer specialized, miniaturized electronics and full converter services.

Let’s make your product smart by replacing sections of regular foam with XOnano Smartfoam.

Our business plan is simple: we can’t possibly be experts in aerospace, automotive, bedding, education, entertainment, defense, sporting goods, wearables, or any other possible Smartfoam market…we specialize in Smartfoam and work with experts their respective fields to bring products to market.

Product Design

We work with your engineers and material scientists to design a custom foam formulation optimized for your product. We work with Rogers Corporation to design sheet goods customized to your individual needs.

Whether you need a bushing to measure vibration, or have a sporting goods application in mind, or something different, give us a call.